Finally, See Your Potential Clearly.

Guiding you to courageously defeat anxiety and self-doubt so that you can develop confidence that means you won't ever question your worth (or your potential) again.

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Rachel Moore, Licensed Therapist & Coach

Too many people have worked hard, but still feel unhappy with aspects of their lives. 

As a clinical therapist and hypnotherapist I understand how we store past stores memories, habits, beliefs, and emotions which create present day anxieties and distress. Harnessing the power of hypnosis we can resolve and remove these unconscious blocks and access the clarity and insights which results in greater confidence, happiness and success.

As a coach, I love to challenge, provoke, and engage clients to define the critical steps which makes achieving their "impossible" goals, inevitable.

When people do this work, they develop resilience, increase self-esteem and finally see their potential clearly.

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Lindsay Ratcliffe

"The best money I have ever spent. My relationships with my husband, my children, my child carer (!), my colleagues, my friends, myself have all been positively impacted by my time with Rachel. I like solutions and outcomes and Rachel’s practical guidance, incredible top tips and common sense approach have become a way of life. I employ her methods and teachings on a daily basis."

About Rachel

After receiving her master's degree in social work from the University of Washington, Rachel spent the next 5 years engaging in further study to gain her licensure qualification to be a clinical therapist. She holds clinical credentials with multiple States. In addition to completing several thousand hours of further studies in change work, Rachel undertook a year long course in evidence-based cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP coaching at the Quest Institute in London, England. More recently Rachel completed her EMDR certification in the USA. While running her own full time practice from London's prestigious Harley Street Rachel continued her professional development as a member of an advanced coaches mastermind in LA, California. Experienced workshop facilitator and sought after learning and development trainer for topics focused on psychological well-being, Rachel keeps busy doing work she loves. When she is not working, Rachel loves to travel, hike in the mountains with her sweetheart, listen to podcasts, and drink oat milk latte's.

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