May We Never Forget...

This is perhaps one of the most difficult season's greetings to write.

It’s hard to find someone not touched by loss, stress, and challenging situations this year. Some of us have been left some exhausted, brokenhearted, lonely, frustrated. We have endured, and this season may be a welcome distraction or simply another reminder of all that is different. For others, this year offered welcomed gifts: births, weddings, time with loved ones, new hobbies, more sleep. The season may be different than planned, but feels special all the same.

I guess it is always like that, the holidays meaning different things for different people. This year, it feels like everything has been amplified, and everyone impacted.

I myself have felt all of it.


Find Inner Peace in an Unfair World.

Recently I had a conversation with someone and they asked me how they can experience peace of mind when faced with unfair situations. The situation they were referring to was work related, where a colleague had unfairly thrown them ‘under the bus’ in an attempt to save themselves. But I have been asked this question in many different situations by many different clients.

Leadership Attitude

The Leadership Attitude We Need Right Now

Over the past few weeks, I have been reminded about something really important. It’s not only coronavirus that is contagious, so is our attitude.

What we need right now, is emotional leadership. In order to do that, we need to set the example, be a role model to those around us, and purposely define and lead the way.


"We’re taught to keep building on our success, with promotion after promotion and it can be scary to take a sidestep or try something new. It’s had a huge impact on my confidence and makes me think in a much more agile way, not getting stuck in the same mindset that has held me back. The future feels exciting.."

-Alex Jury

Rachel Moore is a therapist, hypnotherapist, and coach serving clients globally from Denver, Seattle, and the Carolina's in the USA to Sydney, London and Europe worldwide. After working on London's prestigious Harley Street for many years, Rachel now primarily sees clients online, although she does travel to provide concierge services by arrangement. Confidence, Anxiety, and feeling happier are some of the reasons that clients book with Rachel. If you'd like to book a free introduction session to explore if working with Rachel would benefit you then book here.