5 Ways to Spread More Happiness

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This is an adaptation from episode 50 of the Podcast Connect In, titled “7 Ways to Spread More Happiness”.

Who wants to join me in spreading a little bit more happiness in the world? 

If you’ve been around me for a while, then you know, I like to talk about ways that we can be happier and more joyful in life. So I thought it’d be a good idea to cover five ways that you can instantly (or at least in the next couple of days) spread some happiness. Often we think we have to make great investments of time or money to spread happiness, but here are some quick ideas that are almost free (or at least no more than the cost of a postage stamp). 

The 5 ways to spread more happiness and joy (now)

1. Leave a surprise note. 

The power of receiving an unexpected note from somebody cannot be overstated. Imagine you get a little note with words of encouragement for the day, or words of appreciation for who you are. Wouldn’t that feel amazing? 

Who do you think would really benefit if you left them a little surprise note?  Once you’ve got that person in mind, grab some paper and write something that is sure to be meaningful. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It could simply be “you’re magical”, or “I hope that you have a really great day”. Put that note in a place someone would find it and know it’s just for them. 

2. Smile at strangers, say good morning, or good evening. 

Being able to greet one another has been so challenging during the pandemic, especially when we’ve been shut-in. We’ve been isolated, we’ve been masked, and many of us have developed discomfort being around people. Let’s make it a welcoming experience.  

When strangers smile at each other, or if they greet one another, it makes us all feel more connected. We can feel noticed and appreciated just for being present. I know that there are different customs around this, and sometimes in certain parts of the world, people are far more likely to greet you than in other parts. I myself spent a number of years living in London where it was very unlikely that people would smile and greet you.  I made it a personal mission to smile and greet strangers as I went about my travels. I got a variety of responses from people looking confused or baffled by my greeting, to really delightful surprise responses from people who appreciated the gesture. 

3. Send somebody a funny meme or uplifting video. 

Perhaps you come across something you think somebody else would enjoy while scrolling social media, share it with them. I particularly love to do this one. 

Now I’m going to give you some guidelines. Don’t think about somebody and say they like polar bears and send them a thousand polar bear videos in one sitting. This is about sprinkling in a little something here and there that says I know you and I know what you care about or what will make you laugh or what will cheer you up.

Something I do almost daily, which helps me justify a little bit of my own social media usage, is to find funny things that I think my partner will enjoy. Then when we are having a coffee together, or relaxing after dinner, I can share the videos and we laugh together.  

4. Leave a voicemail. 

Now not just any voicemail, but leave a funny voicemail, a heartwarming voicemail, or an entertaining voicemail. I don’t know about you, but I have a little file of kept voicemails which are just really special to me for one reason or another.  

Would you like to leave a voicemail that could make them smile? 

5. Write a letter or send a postcard. 

There’s so much that happens using technology, and so it can be extra special to get something other than a bill in the mail. Really, there is nothing like going to get the mail and seeing a handwritten postcard or a handwritten envelope and realizing somebody’s written a note or a card or sent a postcard. 

Want to spread more happiness? Do just one of these suggestions right now, and you’ve made a start!

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