This complete 18-week program is for people who are committing to taking action and releasing unhelpful patterns of behavior, problematic beliefs, mental blocks, and unresolved suffering and anxiety. 


If you feel any, or all, of these are holding you back from creating a successful and fulfilling life:
read on.

Confidence, self-worth, communication, resilience, inner-leadership, courage, procrastination, anxiety, financial abundance, public speaking… these are just some of the areas that can be completely transformed when you come to coaching with an open mindset.

I work with clients who are ready to make change in their lives. This program is right for you if you’re ready and willing to get out of your own way and truly master the potential you have to live your best life.

Master Your Potential is both life-changing and life-affirming. Through a combination of positive psychology and practical coaching resources, we’ll create deep meaning and lasting shifts that will impact every area of your life.

Image experiencing things like…

  • Massively upgraded self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  • Improved communication and conflict resolution.
  • Greater financial freedom!
  • More fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners.
  • Greater resilience to rebound from life’s challenges.
  • Improved performance at work and greater energy, stamina, and focus in your personal and professional life.
  • Freedom from feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Improved health and psychological well-being.

If even one of these sounds like something you’d like to achieve in your life, I want to work with you. I’m passionate about helping people create satisfaction, contentment, and overall well-being. Let me guide you to your maximum potential! 

How it works:

These are live one-on-one coaching sessions. We start with a 360-Life Assessment of all areas of life, career, relationship, and mental well-being to prioritize goals and design a path to your maximum potential. Through the 360-Life Reset Process, we’ll locate ways for you to make the changes that bring you life satisfaction. As part of the process you will experience greater confidence, enhanced clarity, and the mental positivity to build – and arrive at – that ever-elusive flow state.

During our 18-weeks together, I’ll help you adopt and realize deeply held beliefs and values to bring meaning to life while creating adaptability and flexibility in responding to situations that can breakdown that new-found flow.

My history as a therapist helps me understand the underlying psychology and create a safe space to explore the impact of change, but the coach in me loves action and practical tools to help you get to find your maximum potential…and stay in that zone. If you’re ready to lose the self-doubt, set achievable goals, and maintain optimism throughout life’s challenges, then it’s time to Coach with Rachel.

Book your free consultation now, so we can see how to partner and help you set goals and achieve your maximum potential.



Maximize Your Potential

New Possibilities Await
  • 18 One-Hour Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Baseline 360-Life-Reset Assessment and Goal-Setting
  • Tools and Resources to Help You Get Results