We can all benefit from pausing. It gives us time to gain insights which re-frame our thinking, learn new skills, and make decisions to reset and  live our best lives. With that in mind, we offer individual counseling, coaching and group workshops to give you time to pause.


Whether you are the CEO of your company or family (or both), starting something new in your personal or professional life, or perhaps entering a 'new-to-you' position, role or relationship; having a coach can give you the confidence that support is available when life feels lonely or difficult, when an obstacles seem insurmountable, or when you need someone who can listen and understand.

The coaching experience is personal to you, but coaching with a therapist offers something a little different. In addition to usual coaching techniques, clients often experience important insights and rapid gains when engaging in hypnosis, activities derived from positive psychology, and explorative adventures designed by someone with a deep understanding of where you are, and where you want to get to.

In a busy world full of demands, coaching is the place where you have the privacy to explore what you care about most.

Coaching is available for all clients regardless of location.


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In-person and online workshops and retreats are offered to the public and for private groups.

The format is typically a facilitated coaching workshop where the focus is to provoke insight based learning, challenge the status quo, and invoke growth. Attention is also paid to integrating new insights and learnings in measurable and meaningful ways. This is supported by implementing practical strategies and processes that result in greater clarity,  purposeful change, and increased well-being.

*During Covid-19 workshops and retreats are offered online only.


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If you are feeling stuck, struggling with how you feel about yourself or your relationship with someone, experiencing upsetting or intrusive thoughts, memories or trauma from the past, or feeling anxious or depressive symptoms, we can help with EMDR, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

The approaches we take are individualized to you and your goals which means we can get creative and explore ways that will help you change.

Therapy is available for clients who reside in WA, CO, NC and outside of the United States.

Read more about EMDR therapy here.