Hi, I'm Rachel Moore

Meet Your Coach

This is the hardest part to write. I’m sitting here wondering what you want to know about me and how I’ll help you decide that I’m the coach for you. So, I guess I’ll take some of my own advice, throw aside the anxiety…and get started! 


I am naturally impatient and action orientated. I know things can be better, and I like to find the most efficient route to “better” as possible, but even I have to be reminded to slow down, take detours, and enjoy the ride. Luckily, I’ve been influenced by people in my life who have encouraged that message, and I hope to do the same for you. 

I’m not only about setting goals for change but finding the least painful (perhaps even enjoyable?) way through the journey. Not only do we set life goals that will deliver what you want and what you need to master your life, we work together to actually get you there. 

Just like you, I am a work in progress. As long as I live, that’s how I intend to be. 

We are designed to grow and change, so I want to support you in choosing how you will grow and change. It’s so easy to be on auto-pilot – to follow a path, plan, or goal, only to discover it was never really our own. Believe me, I’ve done it. Perhaps my experience unlearning those habits has formed my perspective on coaching, and it’s so much more fun!

Coaching for me is about creating a safe and judgement free space, deeply connecting, asking you unexpected questions, and letting you say what you may have never said aloud before. The more deeply we explore, the more fundamentally transformative the process. 

So much more is possible. 

I know this first hand in my own live, and I have seen it time and again through my coaching work. We have so much unrealized potential because we haven’t had access to what we need to flourish. I grew up learning that hard work was the answer, and the only answer to succeeding. 

l did it for years, and although I did well by other peoples estimation, my life wasn’t well; it wasn’t my own. Thank goodness we’ve woken up and realized there’s a better way to succeed! 

It takes courage to trust yourself, release old conditioning, and toss limiting beliefs. Learning to reclaim your life is a process, and my purpose is to guide you as you step into that courage.

Ok, so who is Rachel, really?

To reset. I like to be in nature: hiking, kayaking, and just taking it all in. I also love to travel internationally, something rooted in me after growing up in the U.K. Most recently, my sweetheart and I have been working on seeing all 50 States.  Yes, that’s a bigger undertaking than you may expect. 

Also, I don’t know where I’d be without my daily oat-milk latte. 

The (boring) Professional Version

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.

-Arabian Proverb

After receiving her master’s degree in social work from the University of Washington, Rachel spent the next 5 years engaging in further study to gain her licensure qualification to be a clinical therapist. She holds clinical credentials with multiple States. 

In addition to completing several thousand hours of further studies in change work, Rachel undertook a year long course in evidence-based cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP coaching at the Quest Institute in London, England. 

More recently, Rachel completed her EMDR certification in the USA. While running her own full time practice from London’s prestigious Harley Street, Rachel continued her professional development as a member of an advanced coaches mastermind in LA, California. 

Experienced workshop facilitator and sought after learning and development trainer for topics focused on psychological well-being, Rachel keeps busy doing work she loves. When she is not working, Rachel loves to travel, hike in the mountains with her sweetheart, listen to podcasts, and drink oat milk latte’s.