I believe true well-being means finding balance and wholeness as we engage in each aspect of our lives. From relationships to family to our inner voice, we can become more confident communicators, healthier spouses, and better professionals when mastering ourselves and the environments we live in.
I’m here to help you do just that.
The Achieve Your Goals program is designed to help you optimize an area of life where you struggle to find balance, boundaries, and well-being. If any of these scenarios hit a little too close to home, you’re in the right place:

  • I find it hard to say no and have a hard time setting, or holding onto, boundaries.
  • I avoid conflict or handle it poorly when I can’t avoid it.
  • I struggle to feel confident; I have low self-worth, self-value, or self-esteem.
  •  I find it hard to control my thoughts and notice that stress impacts important areas of my life.
  • I’m a people pleaser and/or trend towards perfectionism.
  • My relationships have largely been unsatisfying, both personally and professionally.
  • I rely on alcohol, food, tv, or some other distraction (vice) to transition between life and work or otherwise tune out.
  • I’m indecisive, set goals but don’t achieve them, or struggle with motivation.
  • It’s hard for me to stay motivated, engaged, and passionate when I do set goals.

This program focuses heavily on identifying and optimizing the area of your life that’s holding you back. Through baseline assessments, we can determine the area of most need, working together to implement practical tools, sound guidance, and real resources that help you make the lasting changes you seek.

How it works:

These are live one-on-one coaching sessions. We start with assessing all areas of life, career, relationship, and mental health to find the main player that’s keeping you from achieving your maximum potential. We’ll locate ways for you to experience confidence building, enhanced clarity, and mental positivity to build – and arrive at – that ever-elusive flow state.

During our six weeks together, we’ll help you adopt (or realize) deeply held beliefs and values to bring meaning to life while creating adaptability and flexibility in responding to situations that can breakdown that new-found flow.

My history as a therapist helps me understand the underlying psychology and create a safe place to explore the impact of this in context of change, while the coach in me loves action and practical tools to help you get to your goal and stay there. If you’re ready to lose the self-doubt, set achievable goals, and maintain optimism throughout life’s challenges, then it’s time to Coach with Rachel.

Book your free consultation now, so we can see how to partner and help you set goals and achieve your maximum potential.



Achieve Your Goals

Six Sessions, Incredible Results
  • Six One-Hour Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Baseline 360-Life-Reset Assessment
  • Tools and Resources to Help You Get Results