Life Revisited: 5 Critical Questions to Ask Right Now

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It’s so easy to get set on automatic pilot in life, we often forget to ask ourselves what we want, and to notice if what we decided we wanted in years past has changed. ed.

I think reviewing these questions can get you started on re-assessing and re-aligning your life.

I think now more than ever these questions are really important because recent data tells us that about 40% of Americans are actually looking to change work right now and not just who they work, for but how they are working. Whether it’s remote, or in the office, or some sort of hybrid model. A lot of workers are seeking a lot more flexibility. They want time with family, and time for travel, and interests, and their health.

In fact, this pandemic has really given a lot of people time to take a breath and reconsider what they value, what’s important, what brings them joy and satisfaction, and wonder about the changes that they are going to make.

And as I said, a lot of them are actively looking to change their work. There are others, however, and the idea of having time to even consider these questions, it’s just beyond them because they have been swamped with the demands of their work and their lives during this pandemic.

So whether you are in the first camp where you want to revisit your decisions, get clear about what you want next, and make a plan; or whether you don’t know where to start because you haven’t even had a moment to think about it. I hope you’ll benefit from just taking a few minutes and pausing between each question to just collect your thoughts on the answers for you.

So let’s go ahead and reflect on what’s important in your lives now so that you can plan your future to remain important.

1. If the pandemic revealed or reminded you something important about life that you don’t want to ignore or forget, what would that be?

2. What do you wish you would have done during the past, say 5, 10, 15 years that still feels relevant to do now?

3. What physical health and psychological well-being is important to you?

4. What career, work, or impact highlights feel important for you to achieve in the coming years?

5. How would you want to finish this sentence: “I always made time for…?”

Okay, now, what I’m gonna have you do is take all of those answers and as you review them, consider what do you need to change so that your life is aligned to your answers.

So, if, for example, the pandemic and question one revealed to you the importance of being present with your family, right then you might need to look for a workplace that allows flexible work hours or a hybrid model, or part-time work for example.

Or perhaps on question three, you realize you need a walk every day for both my physical health and my sense of psychological well-being. That being on a walk-in nature is vital to your happiness and psychological well-being.

Whatever it is that you have pulled out of these answers, note down what would need to change in order for you to make sure that the next steps that you take, allow you to live a life aligned with your answers. I invite you to write down specifically what you can do today, this week, this month, and this year to ensure that you’re designing your life in alignment with those answers.

Who do you know who would benefit from reading this article? Please share and let’s all make sure we don’t waste years of our lives on outdated goals.

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