Finding Inner Peace in an Unfair World

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Regulation Aug 09, 2020

Recently I had a conversation with someone and they asked me how they can experience peace of mind when faced with unfair situations. The situation they were referring to was work related, where a colleague had unfairly thrown them ‘under the bus’ in an attempt to save themselves. But I have been asked this question in many different situations by many different clients.

We often begin with exploring the intellectual understanding of why people act as they do. This is important because so often we assume it is because others are terrible, immoral people who enjoy making us miserable, and when we can understand the psychology behind the behavior, we can understand why it exists. We move from confusion to clarity which is calmer for the brain.

But knowing why it exists, doesn’t instantly make us feel better.

Sure, with clarity we can comprehend, make sense of, and realize that we’re not losing our minds. But we are often left dysregulated. What I mean is, the feelings of discomfort or heaviness in our body, difficulty sleeping or concentrating. For many they experience replaying of the person/topic/incident that upset them in the first place. 

Dysregulation steals us from ourselves…and feels terrible.

How then, can we find peace, or at least some regulation? One way to begin supporting our body is with 7/11 diaphragmatic breathing. Here is a video I made which talks you through it.

Beyond that. Peace of mind is found by reconnecting with yourself. Answering questions like:

  • Who am I going to be in this?
  • What actions are in alignment with who I choose to be in life?
  • If I am committed to being in integrity, it means that I have these guiding values and principles…

Whatever reflections bring you squarely back to who you are, that is where the offer of peace is located.

So, who are you? 

Who are you when there is unfairness in the world? 

In your world? 

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